Gauge Certifications

Certifying Backflow Gauges for Accuracy

Differential pressure gauges are required to be 'tested for accuracy' when purchased and annually thereafter by most local jurisdictions in and around Texas. Bac-Flo Unlimited provides this service of verifying gauge accuracy to the standard plus or minus .2%. Upon meeting this requirement, each specific gauges is issued a certification report that refers to the serial number and owner's information.

The fee for each gauge certification is $60.00. If a gauge is shipped to us for certification, an additional $20.00 is charged for the return shipping fee. If shipping your gauge, please call 210-698-0411 for our secure UPS/FedEx shipping address.  

Note: This is the same gauge certification that  Bac-Flo Unlimited students receive in continuing education courses. One free certification is available for each class participant at the time of the course. Gauge testing is not part of course instruction though we can offer this service due to having a minimum of two instructors for every course.